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Singaporean Food: 7 Delicious Eats

A melting pot for South-East Asian culture, Singapore is considered by many to be ‘Asia’s Food Capital’.  Singaporean food has been greatly influenced by its close neighbour Malaysia, as well as China, India, Indonesia (each with significant sub-cultures of their own) and Singapore’s own Peranakan roots. Its culinary landscape is so diverse, it would be impossible to try and document it all.

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Eat, See, Do: Florence

Florence is an easy city to fall in love with. The pulse of Italy’s heritage and culture is strong and steady here, it being the birthplace of the Renaissance. From gorgeous architecture to thriving outdoor markets, sprawling vineyards and olive gardens, to historic works of art – there’s an incredible amount of things to Eat, See and Do in Florence. Read More

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Out of the Frying Pan: A Taste of Dubai

Recently, I stumbled across an old photo album (if you call 2013 old) from a previous trip to Dubai. The biggest highlight of this trip for me, was a walking food tour that my Dad and I decided to do – not just because of all the ridiculously amazing food involved, but because it was such a great way to learn about different cultures and the way they cook and eat their food. It also opened a door to new flavours that I’d never had a chance to experience before – Arabian, Syrian, Turkish, Iranian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Yemeni.

Here’s a small glimpse of what a five-hour food education looks like.

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LetsCampOut at The Lost Party!

A little sunburnt, with blistered feet and a satanic flu, but nonetheless happy – I returned from a new camp-out music festival in the Sahyadri hills, called The Lost Party, held this past weekend. Invited to stay by LetsCampOut, I was rather intrigued – having only been camping at a music festival once before (actually, it was rather like glamping), this experience sounded a little outside of my comfort zone – so of course I said yes!

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Eat, See, Do: Toronto – Part I

Having spent some time in Toronto this past October, I got to experience a lot more than I had initially thought. Besides being a cultural mosaic, Toronto is also Canada’s largest city (the 4th largest in North America) and has been consistently named one of the world’s ‘most livable cities‘. Apart from exploring the world’s #1 Food Market St. Lawrence – and re-discovering my love for Thai food at local favourite PAI, I did manage to soak in as much of Toronto’s attractions as I could, thanks to my friends.

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Falling in love with Thai at PAI

One of the first meals I had on my recent trip to Toronto was at Pai, a Northern Thai specialty place and a hit among locals. The first time I ate here, we went at Lunch time and had to wait a bit, because the Restaurant was completely packed, but it was SO worth it. The vibe here is expressly chill, the Staff are friendly and their motto is ‘don’t worry, be hippie’ – which also pretty much describes the decor.

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