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Eat Kaboom!

The first time I walked into Kaboom, I was struck by the vibrant green of their open Kitchen. Though I’d heard about their organic, farm-fresh fare, I hadn’t made a visit yet, until I attended the launch of the Slow Food Movement – Mumbai Chapter (more on that later). Mezzanine seating, bold colours and re-purposed furniture – while somehow still retaining that eccentric charm of the Irani Cafe which previously occupied the space – make up Kaboom’s interiors. Read More

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Monsoon Market Walk with The Bombay Canteen

Contrary to my experience with most Restaurants that pull out all the stops at tastings and then slowly decline in consistency, The Bombay Canteen (TBC) continues to impress. After my first visit (read: What’s Old is New at The Bombay Canteen), I went back for a meal with my family, and even ordered take-out from them. Each visit has been more enjoyable than the last. 

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Elation at Ellipsis

Ellipsis is one of South Bombay’s trendiest restaurants. It’s the place where the ‘who’s who’ of Bombay go to see/eat and be seen. It has featured at the top of my ‘Places to Eat At’ list, but I never quite made the trip until this past April, when in celebration of their third anniversary, they launched a week-long discount. In spite of being quite broke at the time (and let’s not kid ourselves, Ellipsis isn’t cheap eats), I figured I’d just take the plunge and make it over there for a meal.

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Summering at PizzaExpress

Pizza is something I take very seriously. Thin crust, hand-tossed with a perfectly balanced tomato sauce base, topped with stringy mozzarella, fresh basil and spicy pepperoni is just heaven on a plate! I hate the fast-food re-heated frozen pizzas with their doughy, pasty bases and not enough toppings. When done right, even a plain cheese pizza can blow your mind. I’d eaten at PizzaExpressa chain of Italian eateries founded by Peter Boizot in Great Britain in 1965, now with a global reach – before, and had been quite impressed with their pizza, so when I was invited for a tasting of their new Summer Menu, I was looking forward to it.

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What’s Old is New at The Bombay Canteen

Sometime earlier this month, I accompanied my friend The Tiny Taster to the launch of the Din Bhar and Lunch Menu at The Bombay Canteen in Lower Parel. Honestly, I was actually quite skeptical at first, since I’d heard that the food was a ‘modern take’ on Indian classics – because every time someone tries to re-invent the wheel, I get a little bored – but I was intrigued to know what all the hype was about.

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