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Singaporean Food: 7 Delicious Eats

A melting pot for South-East Asian culture, Singapore is considered by many to be ‘Asia’s Food Capital’.  Singaporean food has been greatly influenced by its close neighbour Malaysia, as well as China, India, Indonesia (each with significant sub-cultures of their own) and Singapore’s own Peranakan roots. Its culinary landscape is so diverse, it would be impossible to try and document it all.

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Gaggan – a Taste of Asia’s Best

I’ve never been as excited to visit a Restaurant, as I was before my meal at Gaggan. Ranked the #1 ‘Best Restaurant in Asia’ and Thailand (respectively) for 2015 by ‘World’s 50 Best’ (and being the only Indian Restaurant to crack the top 10), I’d only heard whispers of Chef Gaggan Anand’s culinary prowess until this past October. I really wasn’t sure what to expect – other than some interesting molecular gastronomy techniques. Gaggan’s philosophy is “progressive”, taking traditional Indian cuisine to the next level, using modern food science and techniques.

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Eat, See, Do: Bangalore

Earlier this year, I spent a week in Bangalore – catching up with old friends, making new ones and trying to get a feel of the City in the few short days that I was there. Most of my time was spent eating (of course) and sampling some of the best that Bangalore had to offer, with a smattering of sightseeing thrown in, too. It really didn’t take me more than a day to see why everyone I know raves about Bangalore so much – it’s so lovely, I definitely want to make another trip again soon. Keeping in mind that I stayed with a friend, and didn’t have an unlimited spending budget, here are some great things to eat, see and do while you’re in India’s Garden City:

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Out of the Frying Pan: A Taste of Dubai

Recently, I stumbled across an old photo album (if you call 2013 old) from a previous trip to Dubai. The biggest highlight of this trip for me, was a walking food tour that my Dad and I decided to do – not just because of all the ridiculously amazing food involved, but because it was such a great way to learn about different cultures and the way they cook and eat their food. It also opened a door to new flavours that I’d never had a chance to experience before – Arabian, Syrian, Turkish, Iranian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Yemeni.

Here’s a small glimpse of what a five-hour food education looks like.

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A Dynasty in Shambles: Bangalore Palace

This February, I spent some time in Bangalore. Intending to delve into the city’s past, I made a trip to the iconic Bangalore Palace, the seat of the Wadiyar (or Wodeyar) dynasty. It may sound like an incredibly touristy thing to do, but if you’re a history buff like me, then exploring old museums and monuments is always a fun way to get to know a city better.

I had heard a lot of mixed reviews, but decided to keep an open mind and no expectations. Paying about Rs. 200-something for the entry ticket (it’s more for foreign nationals), with an audio guide included was fine, but being compelled to pay an additional Rs. 500 to be able to take photographs with my smartphone was not something I saw coming! It’s quite a heavy fee, but one I also imagine is necessary in order to maintain the huge costs that the Palace and grounds must be incurring for the basic general upkeep.

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LetsCampOut at The Lost Party!

A little sunburnt, with blistered feet and a satanic flu, but nonetheless happy – I returned from a new camp-out music festival in the Sahyadri hills, called The Lost Party, held this past weekend. Invited to stay by LetsCampOut, I was rather intrigued – having only been camping at a music festival once before (actually, it was rather like glamping), this experience sounded a little outside of my comfort zone – so of course I said yes!

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10 Things That Disappointed at the Emerge Music and Arts Festival

I will travel for music.

Not only is it a great way to see new places and meet new people, but experiencing music you love and discovering new sounds is something I highly recommend. Far from the days when we could only pine for music festivals to be held in India, we’ve come a long way, with a multitude of Indian music festivals putting themselves on the map. Of course, there are the commercial ones targeted at the masses, engineered to churn out money like machines, but there are also those beautifully curated, smaller scale ones that renew my faith in the industry. Of the latter, the ‘Emerge Music & Arts Festival’ caught my eye mostly because of it’s lineup – Alt-J (an English indie rock band) and Rudimental (they are a quartet with a blend of live instrumental and electronic music), two of the best acts (in my opinion) to come out of the UK in the past couple of years and definitely not what I expected to see on an Indian music festival lineup, let alone together! With feverish excitement, I booked my tickets to the Bangalore edition of the festival (Emerge is a bi-city festival, which was to be held in Delhi and Bangalore).

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