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Exploring Cambodia with GranTourismo

The first time I’d even heard of Cambodia was when I watched the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider for the first time. I was probably around 11 or 12, and apart from Angelina Jolie’s fierce badassery, what most had an impression on me were the Temples of Angkor, where some of the scenes were shot. Add to that, Angkor Wat’s ties to ancient Indian mythology (another fascination of mine) had firmly fixed its place on my ‘bucket list’ of places to visit before I die. Sounds morbid, but that’s how I roll.

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Singaporean Food: 7 Delicious Eats

A melting pot for South-East Asian culture, Singapore is considered by many to be ‘Asia’s Food Capital’.  Singaporean food has been greatly influenced by its close neighbour Malaysia, as well as China, India, Indonesia (each with significant sub-cultures of their own) and Singapore’s own Peranakan roots. Its culinary landscape is so diverse, it would be impossible to try and document it all.

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Eat, See, Do: Florence

Florence is an easy city to fall in love with. The pulse of Italy’s heritage and culture is strong and steady here, it being the birthplace of the Renaissance. From gorgeous architecture to thriving outdoor markets, sprawling vineyards and olive gardens, to historic works of art – there’s an incredible amount of things to Eat, See and Do in Florence. Read More