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What to Eat at the Summer Evening Pune Market, This Weekend!

If you live in Pune, and haven’t attended one of Karen Anand’s Farmers’ Markets, you’ve surely been living under a rock. They’ve come a long way from their first-ever Market in 2012, and have provided Pune’s budding chefs & home cooks a super platform from which to promote their food.

This Sunday (April 17th), they’re hosting the Summer Evening Pune Market at the Westin lawns, with 12 curated restaurant stalls and a little over 70 exhibitors. Faced with so many choices, it’s rather hard to decide where to eat at. Keeping that in mind, here are a few stalls (in no particular order) you should definitely check out on Sunday:

1. The Greedy Man Pizzeria for their gorgeous Naples-style pizzas. Hand-tossed and made-to-order, with a well balanced crust : sauce : cheese : toppings ratio, do yourself a favour and head to their stall first, before they’re sold out!

Enjoyed some of @streetmeat15’s lip-smacking good Thai chicken gol-gappas for #lunch today! 😋

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2. Street Meat for their exciting take on global street food. Keep an eye out for their soon-to-be-opened outlet in Koregaon Park. I hear they’re doing  pulled pork tacos, cajun chicken tacos, crispy Korean wings, and Thai chicken golgappes (now try not to drool all over your keyboard).

3. Baked & Wired for their brilliant pastas. The bottle-gourd tortellini in three-cheese sauce (pictured above) is the stuff of dreams, honestly. Don’t miss out on their crisp, buttery garlic bread, or their soft cinnabons, either! They only do home delivery as of now, so make the most of it this Sunday and gorge your heart out!

4. The Vigour Kart for their vegan-friendly chia seed Puddings, smoothies, oat bars, homemade ice-cream, popsicles and more. Take it from someone with a huge sweet tooth – this is the perfect healthy alternative to sugary desserts!

5. Mahlzeit for Berlin’s famous döner kebap and some juicy bratwurst with a side of bratkartoffel. Vegetarians, fret not – there’s plenty of options for you too!

6. Aufside provides some meaty pub grub that’s great to was down with a cold beer (or two). I have enjoyed their pork hot dogs previously, and am looking forward to trying some British pub grub from them on Sunday.

7. Delicious Ventures by Gunishi have some of the best baked goods I’ve eaten in Poona. Back after a two-year hiatus, she will be selling a mix of sweet and savoury treats. Look out for her savoury muffins, cheesecakes and dessert jars!

8. The High Spirits Cafe will be stirring up some summer-themed cocktails at the market, so check them out for some ‘adult juice’ *wink wink*.

So, unbutton your pants, and get ready to stuff yourself with some delicious and satisfying food! Bonus: all the foodies listed here are homegrown Pune brands who’ve worked really hard to get where they are, so be a gem and support them by eating local!

The Market is also offering free entry + Happy Hours from 2pm til 4pm, so I suggest getting in early, before it gets too crowded.

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Happy Eating!

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