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Feast Your Eyes – Art on Instagram

Continuing with my Feast Your Eyes series, this edition features Art on Instagram (it’s not always about food, guys)!

Keeping in mind that art is subjective, I’ve hand-picked some original artists and art curators, who should liven up your Insta-feed from the regular old selfies and look-how-hard-we-partied-last-night photos.

1. @ihavethisthingwithfloors : It’s funny how we’re so caught up sometimes, that we don’t even notice the simple things – like a really unique floor. @ihavethisthingwithfloors is one of my favourite accounts on Instagram, curating some of the most gorgeous floors you’ll ever see.

Regram @dimitrisbairabas #ihavethisthingwithfloors ????

A photo posted by I Have This Thing With Floors (@ihavethisthingwithfloors) on

Forget the selfies, take a ‘selfeet’. Follow them and I guarantee you’ll never look at a floor the same way again.  

  2.  @aliciasouza :  Alicia Souza is a Bangalore-based illustrator who draws her inspiration from anyone, anything, anybody, and anywhere. Relatively new to Instagram, she has a lovely feed of illustrations and her adorable dogs – Lola Bear and Charlie Brown – which has grown immensely popular.  

Charlie going all ‘Notting Hill’ on me. A photo posted by Alicia Souza (@aliciasouza) on

Her favourite illustrator is Quentin Blake (Roald Dahl’s books were brought to life by his art) but she also adores the sketches that people send in. A single artwork of hers can take anything between one minute to one month to complete, depending on the size and purpose of the piece. You can buy her work through Flipkart or Amazon. Follow her for some nonchalant, cute illustrations that will be sure to brighten up your day.

3. @startindia : An intiative of the St+art India Foundation, these guys are all about bringing urban landscapes to life with some of the most vibrant street art in India, by some of the most talented artists from within the country, and abroad.

The St+Art Festival connects these artists over a month of collaborations, featuring murals, installations, performances, workshops, talks and walks on the streets. Keep an eye out for their upcoming and past projects, particularly in Mumbai and Delhi – where they are based. Follow them to discover some amazing street art in the cities that you love.

 4. @bananagrime : Anna Klausmeyer is an artist living in Denver, Colorado – the landscape which also inspires most of her work. Her love for nature translates into photos that are the stuff of dreams – ethereal, soft colours and visuals that will leave you wanting more. Upon discovering Instagram as a medium to share her work, she ditched the selfies and stuck to sharing only her creative endeavours, both on @bananagrime and @lovefreemovement.   

So excited to be returning to Colorado today! Every time I leave I come back with a whole new appreciation. So much love! A photo posted by Anna Klausmeyer (@bananagrime) on

Anna says that sharing her work has really helped her as an artist – but she also pushes herself to learn more, to find ‘beauty in the mess’. Check out her Etsy shop for more of her handmade works – she also donates a portion of the proceeds to different charities and organizations every month! Follow her for beautifully edited photos that’ll transport you to another world.

5. @eugenia_loli : Eugenia Loli is a collage artist and filmmaker, whose mixed-media collages of surrealism are inspired by the works of David Delruelle and Cur3es. Her motivation behind creating art is to leave something behind when she’s gone. Starting out with her collaging in 2012, she says her style changed within a year – becoming simpler and more sarcastic.

She would initially take around 3-4 hours to complete one piece, but now she doesn’t take longer than 30-45 minutes. Eugenia’s favourite piece of art is Alkire’sThrough the Door, and she is influenced by spirituality and the human condition. You can buy her collages here. Follow her for some trippy, vintage art that will blow your mind.  

  6. @junedigann : June Digan is a Manila-based Graphic Designer, who quickly become one of my favourite illustrators on Instagram. At the beginning of this year, she took a 365-day challenge – meaning that she has to complete and post at least one illustration every day. 

Bacon is ❤️ I DoubleTap 142/365 A photo posted by June Digan (@junedigann) on

I really look forward to these on my Insta-feed, because they’re simple, inspirational and just plain lovely to look at. Clean lettering and watercolours only add to the appeal. Follow June for her daily works of art, and find yourself just a little more motivated every day.

7. @spielkkind : Kerstin Hiestermann is a teacher and mother-of-three, who started doodling and uploading her works to Instagram in 2013. Soon, her little hobby took on a life of it’s own, spawning more illustrations until finally one day, faced with a beautiful box of strawberries, she drew a cheeky ‘little monster’ robbing one of them, with a caption that read “I didn’t do it”. After that, she says, it was like a never ending stream of ideas and inspiration.

Kerstin sees potential in everything, and her style is clean and minimalistic, but imaginative. @spielkkind comes from the German word ‘spielkind‘ meaning ‘playing child’ and since that defines Kerstin’s outlook on everything, she added in the extra ‘K’ for her name and hasn’t looked back. You can find her artworks on magnets here. Follow her for your inner child, and let your imagination do the rest!  

8. @valeriemckeehan : If you’re a fan of typography and food quotes, chances are you’ve stumbled across Valerie McKeehan’s works more than once, already. With a passion for ‘visual storytelling’, Valerie fell in love with chalkboard drawings by chance, in 2012. Since then, her brand Lily & Val has grown exponentially, from prints to lockets, greeting cards and home decor items – all with Val’s signature style of lettering and illustrations on a chalkboard.    

Each of her artworks is defined by ‘mixing simple nostalgia with a modern style of pretty-whimsy‘ to create unique handmade items that lend a charming, homely feeling to the viewer. I love her chalk-art, because of the unique character of each handmade piece. You can find her online store here. Follow her for some drool-worthy typography and illustrations that you’ll want to plaster all over your room.

9. @theartidote : This one’s pretty self-explanatory – if you haven’t come across berlin-artparasites’ posts in your news feed on Facebook, then you must be living under a rock. Started by the former curator of berlin-artparasites Jovanny Ferreyra, @theartidote boasts an even faster growing Instagram following, and shares some of the most interesting art and quotes you’ll ever come across.

With intense combinations of the two, you’ll find yourself reading and relating to it in one way or another. Follow them for posts that will stimulate your brain and move you to your core.

10. @flora.forager : Bridget Beth Collins is a Seattle-based artist, who specialises in botanical art. A product of her passion for nature and innate talent, she creates these stunning pieces using foraged flowers, leaves and whatever flora she can find in her backyard or the neighbouring area.

????✨firebird⚡️???? May you rise from the ashes of whatever trial you are enduring, and soar on golden wings. A photo posted by Bridget Beth Collins (@flora.forager) on

I really enjoy her posts, because it’s something different – it’s eye-catching, earthy and organic. You can buy prints from her online store here. Follow her for some unconventional art that will change your opinion on flowers forever.

11. @artonabox : Somewhat new to the Instagram art scene, @artonabox is a project started in October 2014 by Shreya Katuri. After writing her dissertation on Matchbox Labels in Popular Culture, she created this curatorial account, to document as many unique matchbox labels and portray them in an open-ended and creative manner. Personally, I love the connect between the local culture and pop art!

Shreya has accumulated quite a collection of her own, with contributions from family and friends, too. Influenced by a multitude of designers and artists, she says she is most inspired by Andy Warhol’s matchbox art (I care to agree, it’s fantastic) and more recently, by Subodh Gupta’s installation at the National Gallery of Modern Art. Follow this quirky account, because it’s really freaking cool.  

12. @krsnamehta : Krsna Mehta is the mastermind behind the beautiful India Circus designs. With an all-Indian theme, drawing inspiration from Mughal Royalty to the local chaiwallahs, Krsna’s designs reflect the persity of Indian culture. Being very opinionated about art at a young age, his influences range from Gustav Klimt’s ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer’ to Issey Miyake.

Pretty chairs …. #handpainted A photo posted by Krsna (@krsnamehta) on

Krsna started using Instagram as a medium to find and collate designs that inspired him. In addition to sharing his own work @indiacircus and curating others, his Instagram feed is vibrant and eye-catching. Follow him to discover new art and design finds which will also make you insanely jealous.

13. @ghaatidancer : Anisha Sharma is a Bombay-based founder, filmmaker and editor at Owl By The Window. She curates art from all over the world in her Insta-feed, often including little tidbits about the artists and their creative process.

Follow her to discover some really fascinating people and their work!

Happy Exploring!

Let me know your favourite artists on Instagram – I’m @blehlovesfood and stay tuned for another edition of Feast Your Eyes.

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