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Feast Your Eyes: 10 Instagram Accounts You’ll Drool Over

If you own a smartphone, chances are you also have an Instagram account (no it’s not just for Millennials!). Research indicates that the now Facebook-owned network is the Fastest Growing Social Site Globally‘, with over 200 million users worldwide. Used to document everything – from beautiful landscapes to war zones, festival celebrations to protests, beauty tips to fitness transformations, last night’s drunken selfies to this morning/noon’s hangover brunch – and so much more. If you’re not on Instagram, you should be. Ignore the pretentious hipster hashtags and join in for the same reason I did – FOOD, or more accurately – FOODPORN. After all, we do eat with our eyes, too! Seriously, guys. Here are 10 delicious ‘Insta-food’ accounts you need in your life:

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Local Talent at the Pune Farmers’ Market!

Last June, I attended the Pune Farmers’ Market – something I try to do every time there is one, to check out local Producers. Usually, I try to pick up fresh or novelty ingredients, but mostly, I go there for the local Bakers and Pastry Chefs! Sweets and Baked goods are my weakness and I was lucky enough to discover some seriously delicious local talent at this particular Farmers’ Market. There were a lot of confectioners’ stalls (and everyone stepped up their game, this time) but these were my favourite picks:

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