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Indulging at Incognito

Incognito is a trendy little restaurant at Phoenix Market City, Pune. True to it’s name, it’s so ‘Incognito’, that unless you knew to look for the tiny green awning over it’s entrance, you would probably walk right past it. I really love their cosy interiors, especially the walls lined with bookshelves and random knick knacks!

The Menu spans across a variety of cuisines, from Continental to South East Asian and even a few Indian dishes make their way into the fold. This really isn’t a surprise, considering founder and Chef Ravish Arora is famous for having a wide range of dishes on the menu at his other restaurant, ‘Polka Dots’, as well.

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Tomato and Basil Soup with Garlic Croutons

I’ve been meaning to make a Soup for a while now and because I love Italian flavours so much, I thought I’d do a Soup which uses two of my favourite ingredients – Tomatoes and Basil! Nothing is better than a good, luscious Soup when you’re sick (like I am right now). Keeping in mind that it is Summer, I’ve kept this a light and flavourful dish, minus any heavy ingredients like cream or cheese. Plus, you can serve this either hot, cold, or lukewarm – it’s delicious any way you like it!

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Summer Chicken with Saffron Pulao and Greek Yogurt

The idea for this dish actually came from two of Nigella Lawson’s recipes, ‘Saffron Scented Chicken Pilaf‘ and ‘Chicken with Spring Onions, Chili and Greek Yogurt‘. I’ve drawn from both these recipes but made quite a few changes to suit my personal taste. This was the first time I’ve ever cooked rice and because I was trying to prep all 3 components of this dish at once, I forgot to take photos of the process!

This meal is perfect for Summer, when it’s so hot you literally don’t even feel like eating anything. It’s delicate flavours and the cool Yogurt are just right to beat the heat!

Here we go:

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Dining at Favola

My family are predominantly foodies, with a passion for non-vegetarian food. Having traveled to Italy and indulged in quite a lot of their local cuisine myself, so when my family suggested dining at Favola at Le Meridien, I didn’t need much convincing! We made a reservation and turned up on time only to find ourselves the sole occupied table, although it was a Saturday night.

The ambience at Favola is lovely and welcoming. The head Chef Roberto Boggio, an Italian himself, was friendly and immediately made a visit to our table and some recommendations as to what we should order for our meal.

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