Mala Hot Pot
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Singaporean Food: 7 Delicious Eats

A melting pot for South-East Asian culture, Singapore is considered by many to be ‘Asia’s Food Capital’.  Singaporean food has been greatly influenced by its close neighbour Malaysia, as well as China, India, Indonesia (each with significant sub-cultures of their own) and Singapore’s own Peranakan roots. Its culinary landscape is so diverse, it would be impossible to try and document it all.

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L to R: Uppu Kari,

Savya Rasa – A Taste of South India

Unlike most fine-dining eateries that rarely exist outside of 5-star hotels in Pune,  Savya Rasa is a classy stand-alone restaurant, serving up gorgeous South Indian fare. Loosely translated, the word ‘Savya’ means South, and ‘Rasa’ means cuisine.